And for practically zero dollars…

About a month ago, I made an apron out of some leftover fabric from a sheet I’d bought at the thrift store. (The dress I made with that sheet is too hideous to speak of, or post, and it was expensive, so I won’t mention it. Except for right now.) My friend saw the apron and went “Oh, how cute! I should learn to make an apron of this kind.” So she and I went out to the same thrift store (the lovely Fan Tastic Thrift in Richmond, VA) and bought a bedsheet for about $3. She made her apron, which she has dubbed FrankenApron due to its lopsided nature and lack of ties in the back (she got bored) and I sat around trying to think of what I could make out of the leftover material. It was a queen sized sheet, after all. So I went online to see if I could find a pattern that required absolutely no hardware–no zippers, no buttons, no hooks and eyes, nothing that would stand between me and a fast and easy project.

And I found THIS.

Now, this was an apron with a super-long tie meant to wrap and tie in the front. Class, right? But some people on the site,, had been talking about turning it into a skirt. They said, “Just add some extra fabric to the skirt part and an extra panel of waistband in the back! And then sew it up the back so your butt doesn’t show!” And it turns out that they were right. The pattern on Burdastyle shows how to make the front of the waistband, so I just made an identical piece as the back, cut it in two in the middle, and set the waist ties into that part.

And when it was done, it looked a little something like this:

(This is my model-face, by the way. I look ill.)

It was a little sad and lonely, a little lacking in visual interest. So I made myself a stencil, bought some fabric paint (about $3) and added this little fellow here:

Later this week, I’ll do a tutorial of how to make your own stencils for clothing using computer images and some sturdy (or not-so-sturdy) paper. If you’ve had a kid in your house in the last couple of years, you probably have almost all the supplies you need to stencil up some of your clothes or household objects.

For this project, the costs were as follows:

Fabric-$3 (but there’s enough fabric there to make two of these skirts, with leftovers)

Fabric paint-$3


Total spent: $10.

Cost of comparable item on the Internet: $74.99. Although you could probably go as low as $16.99 if you just wanted a fluffy little high-waisted skirt.

If you find a sheet in a print you already like, maybe some nice stripes or a floral, you could do this project for as little as $3. But I think the octopus is a nice touch, don’t you agree?


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