Tacky Dress! Tacky Dress!

So, remember that lovely, tacky floral fabric I bought? The stuff from the 1960s? Well–I made a dress out of it.

I wanted to make a dress that was antithetical to what people would expect from the fabric, so I went with a 1950s hostess dress design, a dress style worn by good housewives and folks like Grace Kelly–in better colors, of course. I had a pattern for a dress with me, but the bodice wasn’t right, so I drafted my own pattern directly onto the fabric.

My mom and aunt, who helped me with various pinnings and who gave a running commentary on the whole process, said that I reminded them of my grandmother, Kathleen. She drafted her own patterns on newspaper as a young woman, and she was the one who taught me how to sew. As I understand it, she’s currently working on reupholstering her whole condo. I’m flattered to be compared to a woman who had such great taste; we have a picture of her gardening in a dress much like this one (with a different print of course), pearls, and little white gardening gloves.

By the way: I still have some of this fabric left. If anyone I know wants something made out of it, for the right price, of course, they should speak up in the comments. I’ll cut you a deal if I like ya.


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