Crafty Things to Do During the Heat Wave

This morning, I checked the weather forecast, only to learn that it’s supposed to be about…oh, 97 degrees. For the next four days in a row. Ew. Just…ew. So I immediately began scouring the Internet, as only I can do, for things to do to keep cool. Here’s my favorites:

  • STAY INSIDE, and avoid contact with hot outdoor air, by taking some time to reorganize your crafting supplies. Threadbanger has a great blog post on clever and innovative ways to get your things sorted out.
  • IF YOU KNIT with wooden or plastic needles, stick them and your yarn in the freezer for a bit before you knit. It reduces the sweatiness factor of a hobby that’s usually a little too cozy for summer. Don’t do this with metal needles or you might get stuck.
  • BUILD A squirrel-powered sculpture. I’m not sure if this will help you stay cool, but you should do it anyway. Maybe you could build a squirrel-powered fan.
  • MAKE YOURSELF some ice cream. Doing it by hand instead of with an ice cream maker takes some time, but it has periods of downtime, in which you can play video games or stare at the freezer door wishing your ice cream was done.
  • GO NOCTURNAL. It’ll probably drive your parents crazy, but since it’s the middle of the summer, try switching all the way over to a night-oriented sleep cycle. The forecast calls for 70 degree nights; wouldn’t you rather be out jogging then? And if your parents work, the only time they’ll see you is at 7 AM. They’ll think you’re an early riser.
  • MIGRATE. This is the solution I’ll be employing tomorrow at dawn. If you can’t migrate, then follow my Portland adventures gratuitously through this blog.

By the way: if you end up making a squirrel-powered device, please let me know in the comments, or send me a picture. I’ll post it and give you full credit for being an amazing human being.


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